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Address of Ms. Natalia Baranyuk, Head of NCSA – International Relations Committee.

Dear members of NCSA!

In November 2022, NCSA – International Relations Committee was created.

The Committee’s key objective is to promote interests of NCSA in the international corporate governance community, to exchange views and practices, to develop recommendations and corporate governance standards in the companies of our country.

NCSA shall take its rightful place among global and national corporate governance organizations, which will allow NCSA to participate in international conferences and other forms of activities covering issues of interaction and development of all forms of public diplomacy.

The Committee sets itself a number of tasks, like involving international participants in the discussion of problems and search for new effective forms of interaction in the corporate governance area, preparing analytical and informational materials on corporate governance systems in other countries, holding joint research and meetings with the professionals within the framework of Corporate Secretaries Club and NCSA Forum.

To implement these goals, we need your help and your support. In other words, your fine minds, your golden hands, and inspiration!

If you are interested in the issues of international cooperation, and you would like to contribute to a big cause, necessary for development of the professional community — please join the work of the Committee!

We look forward to hearing from you at natnikbar@gmail.com


Natalia Baranyuk, Head of NCSA – International Relations Committee.

Together we are endlessly strong!

Working meeting of NCSA with the President of the Association of Russian and Turkish entrepreneurs.

On January 16, 2023, a working meeting was held between the National Association of Corporate Secretaries represented by Ms. Natalia Baranyuk, Head of NCSA’ International Relations Committee, Mr. Naki KARAASLAN, President of the Association of Russian and Turkish entrepreneurs (RTİB), and representatives of the Turkish Corporate Governance Association (TKYD). As a result, an agreement was made to start interaction between NCSA and TKYD in a number of areas of mutual interest. First of all, in the field of exchanging expertise regarding best corporate governance practices of Turkish companies, which will take place during International Forum traditionally held by NCSA in July, and also in the field of training under TKYD programs, with professionals of extensive experience in corporate governance and career advancement, in order to develop professional competencies of corporate secretaries in Russian companies.

NCSA Association aims to interact with the structures of the Islamic Republic of Iran that implement corporate governance in Iranian organizations.

On March 10, 2023, National Association of Corporate Secretaries (NCSA), represented by Ms. Natalia Baranyuk, Head of NCSA’ International Relations Committee, participated in the lection and subsequent discussion that was held in NSE by the Chairman of the National Competition Council of Iran (NICC), Professor Seyedmohammadreza Seyednurani. The topic of this lection was: «Iran’s Economy under Sanctions: the role of Antimonopoly policy». The event was organized as part of the official visit of the NICC management at the invitation of FAS. The meeting was moderated by Mr. Alexey Ivanov, Director of the International BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre.

Professor Seyedmohammadreza Seyednurani elaborated on the problems the Iranian economy faces while functioning under sanctions, as well as on the history of competition policy in the country. An overview of activities of the Iranian Competition Center (ICC) was given, as well as overview of the main provisions of Iranian antimonopoly legislation. In addition, professor presented some of the most important cases over recent years with ICC resolutions on them.

In 2017, FAS of Russia and the National Competition Council of Iran reached agreements on the exchange of experience. FAS announced its readiness to support Iran’s younger competition agency in the development of antimonopoly legislation and competition in the country. Since then, the parties have strengthened cooperation on competition policy issues and signed a Memorandum of Understanding on March 9, 2023.

Seyedmohammadreza Seyednurani holds PhD in Economics and specializes in the public sector, econometrics and theoretical economics. He had also held the position of Head of the Department of Theoretical Economics at Allam Tabatabai University in Tehran, had been member of the Research Council at the General Inspection Department of Iran, as well as economic adviser to the largest Iranian automotive company IKCO.

During the discussion after lection, Ms. Natalia Baranyuk presented NCSA Association and expressed interest in Association’s interaction with the structures of the Islamic Republic of Iran implementing corporate governance in Iranian organizations. Professor Seyedmohammadreza Seyednurani confirmed that following the general principles of corporate governance in Iranian companies is one of the necessary elements for development of healthy competition in the market in the interests of the Islamic economy and expressed readiness to participate in NCSA events in order to share best practices in management of Iranian companies. Professor Seyedmohammadreza Seyednurani also emphasized that Russia now is in the initial stage of the impact of sanctions, however the country should not abandon basic foundations of antimonopoly legislation and corporate governance principles, as they are extremely important for development and preservation of the country’s existing legal institutions.

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