Professional Development program

Assisting corporate secretaries in improving their professional skills is one of the main statutory tasks of the professional community of corporate secretaries – NCSA – in accordance with the recommendations of the best practices of corporate governance and the requirements of the Professional Standard.


Specifics of work of the Сorporate secretary (Head of the Office of the Board of Directors, Director of Corporate Development, Head of the Corporate Governance Department, corporate lawyer, etc.) requires a high level of knowledge and skills in the area of corporate law and governance, related legislation, arbitration practice, best corporate governance practices as well as systematic monitoring of changes occurring in the corporate legal field. Hence, it becomes obvious the objective need for corporate secretaries to participate systematically in all kinds of seminars, development programs and advanced training courses.

 NCSA offers several ways to enhance and develop professional competencies:

  • СORPORATE SECRETARY. Certification program with the issuance of a state certificate
  • СORPORATE SECRETARY. Elementary course for corporate secretaries and staff members
  • SEMINARS to update knowledge, MASTER CLASSES of recognized professionals and TRAININGS to develop soft skills


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Executive Director 
Angelika Granitsa

Head of training programs
Alla Kovalenko

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